Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Praise of forgetfulness

Good thing is forgotten! How else would

son to leave the mother who has breastfed?
That gave him the strength of the limbs
and holds it to test? Or
the student would like to leave
teacher who gave him the know? When knowledge is given

the student must begin a journey. In the old house

take the new housing tenants.
If you had stayed
those who built the house would be too small.
The stove heats. The stove fitter
no longer knows who he is. The Ploughman
does not recognize the form of bread.
How would raise the man in the morning
without forgetting the night that clears the tracks?
who was slammed to the ground six times as

could recover the seventh to turn the stony ground,
to risk flying in the sky? The fragility of memory

gives strength to men.

Bertolt Brecht Poems 1933-1938


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